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Re-Scape Outdoor Living is Inspired Recycling!

Your home is your castle…and your backyard can be paradise with some clever Re-Scaping! To help you with your vision, we travel the internet finding inspiration for backyards and outdoor living spaces! Recycle, re-purpose and re-use is our motto. Please click on images in gallery to enlarge them for details and to see descriptions. At the bottom of the gallery is a link to our Pinterest board where you can find the images and links to instructions if provided.

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All images and links are found on our Pinterest page Exteriors unless watermarked “Re-Scape”.

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“Re-Scape is the ultimate convergence of creativity for creative people.”
Velva Lee.
“Of all the pages that I follow and like, I absolutely LOVE!!!! Their many ideas of re-purposing are ingenious, awesome and one of a kind….not cheesy and/or cheap. In a word, tasteful.”
Kathryn D.
“Awesome Ideas Love it.”
Shelly A.