by Brenda Ellison

Rescapedotcom is Inspired Recycling!

Re-Scape is all about inspiring you with a world of possibilities by sharing inspirations and ideas… from the simple to the sublime! I want to share all the possibilities with everyone, including bits of art, handcrafted work, amazing recycling stories and greeting you each morning and night with beautiful images to start and finish each day on a lovely note.

Re-Scape started with such a simple idea.

I simply wanted to be able to find good lawn equipment and tools without buying new. I started developing this concept into more of a recycling idea. As I started developing this idea, the more recycling, repurposing came to mind.  Recycling Exploded in the following years along with new businesses, websites, blogs and social media sharing the simplest to the most complex recycling concepts.

Yes, some people call it “upcycling”. I’m old fashioned. I stick with what isn’t broken…LOL.

2016 turned into some pretty hard times and I dropped with website, just continuing with Facebook and Pinterest.

The amazing Facebook community stayed with me and kept growing at a phenomenal rate. That’s why I’m bringing back the website, the gallery featuring your creations, forums, tutorials, free membership.  We will keep growing together.

Links are included as often as possible to original sources but sometimes even with image search we can’t track down.

I am sometimes prevented from finding the source of images because original link deleted or no longer valid. There are also things such as blogs deleted, blocked or error messages which prevent me from finding the source creators. I encourage you to watermark each and every image you post on the internet so that people can find your work!

The Internet Universe is a most wonderful place to find all kinds of inspiration for recycling, repurposing, reusing, reloving and recreating.

Everything I find is first pinned on my Pinterest boards at https://pinterest.com/rescapedotcom. Re-Scape does not claim rights to them unless they are watermarked with our images.

Re-Scape’s current email address is rescape.com@gmail.com and a new website email team@re-scape.com.

Inspired Recycling has grown and flourished because of the Amazing community members/friends that have joined us these past 5 plus years. Many people here are the same people that joined me very early on and have continued to be the fantastic foundation in this community. My deepest, heartfelt appreciation to all of you!

If I post something you have created and it isn’t credited to you, please message or email me and I will gladly add credit to the post or re-post with the new information. My hope is to help small businesses get recognized!

Thanks so much for reading about us!

Important! Please be aware that Re-Scape does not take responsibility for materials and products you may choose to use in your home or landscape. As with all things you should first check to see if these materials are safe to use in a home, property or business environment. You should always check to make sure materials are devoid of toxins/harmful properties such as chemicals, lead paint, harmful edges etc. If we disclaimed all recycled things, the page would be filled with disclaimers rather than be Inspiring. All things are at the discrimination of your material choices.


Brenda Ellison

Owner of Re-Scape.com Inspired Recycling